A brief introduction ...

I first started programming back in the 80’s, simple stuff using a BASIC compiler. My first real program was called ‘PLAS’ short for Profit and Loss Analysing System. This was developed on Sinclair ZX81 with 16mb of ram. The thing I most remember about the ZX81 was after about 2 hours of use it got hot enough to fry an egg on and you had to stop, switch it off and let it cool down, otherwise, Crash!
PLAS was used in the family business, a small market/greengrocery to keep track of the profits and losses.

From this simple start I got more interested in programming, at this time the industry standard language was C. I purchased ‘Prospero C Language’ and got work during the evenings (and early mornings) learning all I could, after about a year I felt confident enought to seek professional qualifications. These started Febrary 1994 and after a further 2 years of hard work I gained a City & Guilds 424 programming certificate. I got my first job with a telecommunications company in April 1996. Shortly after starting with this company I moved over to windows programming using VB 4 thru to 6 and VB.net. Presently I program with C#, WPF and Selenium testing scripts.